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Make money through our Affiliate Programme!

Get Active Income for each client that you encourage to sign-up with Worldwide sct Services and earn Passive Income - that is, a percentage of the value of the item, each time that your referrals ship through Worldwide sct Services.

Become an Affiliate

and start earning!

Get real money for all transactions performed by your referrals, without any limitations to time.

Example of earning calculation:

If you attract 1 client;

You get 1 x J$200 = J$200 (Active Income)

If he ships an item valuing US$100;

You get (100 x 0.01) = 1 USD = 1 x 149 = JMD 149.00 (Passive Income)

If you attract 50 clients; 

You get 50 x J$200 = J$10,000 (Active Income)

If they ship items valuing US$6,000;

You get (6,000 x 0.01) = 60 USD = 60 x 149 = JMD 8,940 (Passive Income)

Why join our Affiliate Programme?

No limitations to payouts...

No limitations to maximum payouts per month or client...

No limitations to transactions...

We pay for all transactions without any restrictions...

The Company’s staff is at your service 24/7...

You can find informative information on our Website and Social Media Pages to attract clients...

 Join right now for free and start earning!

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