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We are masters of the ocean...

We create waves via ocean freight...



Worldwide sct Services coordinate the transportation of your ocean freight by identifying and making the necessary arrangements with a vessel to transport your goods. We handle the packing/loading of your shipping container and all associated paperwork.

Whether it be a Full Container Loads (FCL); Less than a container load (LCL); barrel; pallet; crate; box; or even an envelope, the size of your package does not matter as we ship from a pin to a container. Our complete ocean freight service enables you to ship large and small shipments cost-effectively.

Less-than Contaner Loads (LCL) Shipments:

For small loads, where the use of a whole container is not cost effective, the shipment is delivered and then consolidated with other shipments at our forwarding warehouse, then loaded into a container. We schedule weekly inbound LCL ocean freight consolidation services to meet our customer’s needs. We work closely with the best shipping companies and agents, who specialize in the movement of consolidated, full containers, partial shipments and loose cargo, coordinating pickup, warehousing, packaging, co-load and containerized shipping of cargo to Jamaica. Our weekly LCL ocean consolidation depart from our logistics center in Florida on Fridays and usually arrive at Seaboard Port in Jamaica by Wednesday of the following week.

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipments:

This is suited for larger volumes, ex-works, motor vehicles, and large heavy duty equipment. In this case, you will book a full container for yourself to carry your cargo. This may require a 20 foot, 40 foot, 45 foot containers, flat racks or open tops,  whichever satisfy your need. 

We can arrange for ex-works (loaded at supplier premises), or loaded at our forwarder's warehouse. Once a full container has been loaded and locked, a seal is placed on the container to ensure its security. This seal is then checked for integrity upon its destination in Jamaica. 

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