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Motor Vehicle Purchase/Import

We assist with the search for, and purchase of both new and used motor vehicles. You choose the car, we'll take care of the rest. One of the major advantages of using the services of Worldwide sct Services is that your choice of vehicle is not restricted. You can choose any make or model of vehicle you wish, within the limits of your budget. Once you have contacted Worldwide sct Services, all your vehicle requirements will be handled by us. Our responsibility is to arrange and oversee all matters relating to vehicle prior to the purchase and help with any other questions that may arise after delivery. It's as easy as that!




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Motor Vehicle Import made easy...

Pur​chasing a Motor Vehicle from overseas does not have to be a hassle. Worldwide sct Services can take care of that for you.

Start the process by completing this online form and we'll take it from there.

Don't delay, start today...

Steps to Purchasing and Importing your Motor Vehicle:

1.   Complete our Motor Vehicle Purchase/Import Requisition Form

2.  Meet with our Motor Vehicle Specialist, in-house or via telephone

3.  Choose your Motor Vehicle 

4.  Make the necessary payments

*** If you need additional information, please Email us at:

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